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  • Show your true-self to yourself and the world

In Self-Love Portrait course you will be guided into a self-love journey through self-portrait photography. It's an invitation to actively participate in the creation of your life. At the end of this playful, and epic journey you will embrace a new perspective of beauty and expression within you.

Why Self-Love Portrait?

SLP offers you a unique experience to cultivate your spiritual growth, creativity, and positive self development. You are given the opportunity to meet with your self again, and fall in love with it. This course gives you everything you need to know about starting your self-love journey. From learning & planning, to creating & loving.

By the end of the course, you will know the basics of photography, the process of taking self-portraits and different ways of seeing yourself. And will be able to embrace and express your beauty in your creative pursuits, whatever they might be. Together with writing, you will deepen your purpose and your acquaintance with your soul in front of the camera, in an unconventional way.


Made With Love

Self-Love Portrait made by Idit Nissenbaum, a multimedia artist specialized in self-portraiture. Idit holds a BFA in Photography & Video from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where she received the Chairman’s Merit Award. She teaches the process of introspection through self-portrait photography. The camera as a healing tool to look inside, at the soul and learning about ourselves and our insecurity that arises when the camera is directed at us. Taking self-Portraits is a journey and there is joy in the process, and sharing that attitude for embracing ourselves with creativity is her goal in all of her classes.

Background knowledge in photography is great, but you do not need to have it in order to enjoy the course! However, a digital camera is needed.

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Course Curriculum

Your Instructor

Idit Nissenbaum
Idit Nissenbaum

I've been photographing since I was 15 years old and exploring the self-portrait world for more than 7 years. The photography process allows me to observe myself from all angles, inside and out. This process got me to ask questions about who I am and what I want to say to the world. When I'm in front of the camera, I'm present. It's just me and the camera, looking into the depths of my soul. Dealing with bulimia put me on a self-destructive path with many negative thoughts, anxiety, depression and lower self-esteem. However, self-portrait taught me self-love and the camera is my tool to express my true self. This journey made me understand the power of the healing tool called a camera. I am very thankful for being able to share my story through Art. The self-portrait is a huge part of who I am, and being able to share this guide is a privilege.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Who is it for?
You! If you want more self-love, empower yourself in creative ways and discover yourself from a new angle. If you want to meet your higher self and reconnect with your inner strength and beauty... You are in the right place!
Do I need photography background?
Background knowledge in photography is great, but you DO NOT need to have it in order to enjoy the course! I’m going to teach you how to use your camera, the basics of photography and talk about all the necessary equipment!
What equipment do I need?
If you want a full experience of the course, you should have a professional camera, a tripod, and a remote. We will discuss ​it in more details, and I’ll share with you all the needed links.

"My self-portrait experience radically transformed the way I see and feel in myself. Idit has the special skill of guiding ones to capture their true essence even if they can’t yet see it in themselves. Apprehensive and nervous at first, the course helped me immediately relax. After taking just a few images, I looked back and I began to recognise something in myself I’d never acknowledged until that point... my own unique beauty. I felt so confident after this. A life changing and incredibly empowering experience!"

- Laura Colless, Founder, Sama Studio

"Iv'e always had a complicated relationship with the camera. I didn't feel comfortable taking photos of myself and didn't love the end result. I decided to take the course mainly to learn some practical ways to take better photos with the camera but it gave me so much more! I became a lot more confident in front of the camera and in my every day life. It made photography a lot more fun for me and broke some serious barriers for me. I'm so grateful I took this course and highly recommend to all small business or content creators to do so. It has been such a fun creative learning experience."

- Shira Yellinek, Founder, Pilates On The Move

"As someone who is terrified to stand in front of a camera, this course allowed me to step outside my comfort zone, and celebrate myself for who I am from the inside-out. To be completely honest, I thought I loved myself enough, but when it comes to be truly vulnerable, this course gave me the tools to embrace all the layers of myself. The exercises in the course helped me shed the layers of myself that didn't serve me, and reinforced the ones that make me confident and strong.

Thank you so much Idit! for taking me on this journey of self exploration and unconditional self-compassion & love. I loved every step on the way, and already bought this course for my two besties my friend as a Christmas gift!"

- Gali Levi, Founder, Mini Yoga Club

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